Reviews From JBThaMixer's Studio

Here is a compilation of video reviews from satisfied clients. 

Mix Reviews

Hear from My Satisfied Clients

Aye bro, no cap, I've been playing the song on repeat for like an hour. You did a crazy crazy job on the mix. It is like a water fountain bestowed to me from heaven. It just feels good to listen to.


JB, I just want to say that you did an incredible job on the mix. I was starting to give up on the track but when I sent it to you, you brought the track to life. You really exceeded my expectations on what a good mix means. You are forreal golden.


Broooooo, you just blew my mind. You made it exactly how I wanted it to be! It's hella trippy but at the same time, it fits the vibe. After hearing how you transformed my song, you are deada** my mixer for life. I am never going anywhere else.